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Posted in News on September 19, 2023

Doubling the Aloha: How Cactus United for Maui’s Wildfire Relief

Support Hawaii Wildfires Recovery Fund

As we all watched in disbelief, Maui was hit by a devastating firestorm in early August, challenging the resilience of its tight-knit communities. Our hearts went out to this island that has enriched our lives in so many ways, and we felt compelled to offer our support. Maui, a paragon of hospitality, had extended its warmth to us for years, and it was our turn to reciprocate. In response, we initiated a “Round Up” campaign throughout August. During this campaign, our gracious guests generously rounded up their checks to raise funds for Maui’s wildfire relief.

Exponential Generosity: Doubling the Impact

Our guests stepped up and raised $2,349.64. But we didn’t stop there. We chose the Center for Disaster Philanthropy as our partner and pledged to match our guests’ donations, totaling $5,000. The incredible news? A generous benefactor of our chosen charity matched our gift, doubling our impact to a staggering $10,000.

Why the Center for Disaster Philanthropy?

The Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP) was the perfect choice for channeling our collective effort. They specialize in long-term recovery, and that’s precisely what Maui needs now. The devastation is overwhelming, and recovery will take years. CDP ensures that our aid reaches the wildfire-affected families and communities who face unique challenges during the aftermath.

Maui’s Resilience

Maui is more than an island; it’s a community bound by aloha spirit. The wildfires may have charred acres of land and caused widespread destruction, especially in Lahaina, but they couldn’t extinguish the resilience of its people. We’ve witnessed this strength, and it’s humbling.

Jurg Munch

Lahaina Grill owner Jurg Munch

Dedication to Lahaina Grill and Jurg Munch

During a recent visit to Maui, we had the honor of dining at Lahaina Grill. It was more than a meal; it was a culinary journey that touched our hearts. Lahaina Grill, under the visionary leadership of Jurg Munch, exemplifies excellence in hospitality.

Jurg graciously spent over an hour with us, sharing the incredible story of Lahaina Grill’s transformation during COVID-19. The restaurant underwent a complete renovation, a testament to Jurg’s unwavering commitment to providing extraordinary experiences for his patrons.

In recognition of Lahaina Grill’s outstanding contribution to the culinary world and the enduring spirit of Jurg Munch and his talented and dedicated team, we dedicate this donation to them. It’s a token of our gratitude for enriching our lives and countless others.

Encouraging Additional Donations

Our donation is a “drop in the bucket” of what’s needed, and we’d encourage anyone reading this to make additional donations if they can. Together, we can make a difference, one drop at a time.

At Cactus, we stand united alongside our valued guests, our anonymous matching benefactor, and the entire Maui ohana (family). Together, we’ve raised a meaningful $10,000 donation, which is far more than just a figure; it symbolizes profound hope, unity, and the enduring aloha spirit.

We recognize the long and arduous path ahead for the people of Maui as they rebuild their lives and their beautiful island. Our commitment to assisting them in this journey remains unwavering. By doubling the aloha, we aim to double the impact of our support, offering hope and strength to the resilient Maui community as they work towards a brighter and more resilient future.

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