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Posted in News on January 15, 2020

New Indoor Dining Option: Open Air Seating

cactus seating from above: colorful tables

The State of Washington recently updated the definition of “Open Air Seating” to present customers and businesses with new alternatives to indoor dining.

This means we can seat guests inside following certain guidelines. In short, we are following the guidelines for “Open Air Concept 1”, which allow for occupancy of 25% with proper C02 monitoring to not exceed 450*ppm, table size less than six, and spaced 6’ apart.

We are grateful to be able to offer both heated patio and now indoor “open air” dining options to you. If you’ve been visiting us through the pandemic, we know you’ll agree that Cactus has been following the rules and going above and beyond to keep our employees and guests safe. This is our #1 commitment and we will never compromise or put that trust in jeopardy.

We’re not authentic, we’re uniquely Cactus.

*From the State: “CO2 is used as a measure of air movement. Ambient CO2 levels in outside air are about 400 ppm. People release CO2 in their exhaled breath, so if air movement is enough to maintain levels below 450 ppm, this indicates that there is enough air flow to dilute respiratory droplets and particles. CO2 concentrations at this level are not of direct concern.”

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